Criminal Sentences and Appellate Practice

A criminal case does not end upon a guilty plea or conviction at trial. Rather, both sentencing hearings and appellate practice efforts are crucial phases of criminal litigation, and typically reflect an individual’s last chance at avoiding a lengthy prison term. Simply stated, this is one of the most important periods of your life. Federal sentencings, motions for a new trial, and direct appeals all require competent, creative, and thoughtful defense counsel to prevail.

Your Defense Begins Now

Sentencing proceedings and appellate arguments are built on strong, concise, and convincing legal writing and advocacy. The tactics and strategy employed by defense counsel at this stage must be well-thought out and executed. The work-ethic and dedication remain the same whether the goal is to have an individual’s sentence lowered or free someone who has been wrongfully convicted.

If you have been convicted and are facing a state or federal sentencing, or are pursuing an appeal, you must hire intelligent and experienced  defense counsel. Doing so, could lessen your potential sentence dramatically or could mean walking out of prison following a successful appeal.

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