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Jason Goldman
February 23, 2024
NYC Federal Drug Attorney

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Being Accused of a Drug-Related Crime

This is a serious matter that can have lasting consequences including loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, prison sentences, and a permanent criminal record which could affect job prospects for the rest of your life.  

New York takes drug offenses very seriously so it is imperative that you retain a qualified attorney If you have been accused. A good NYC Drug attorney could help you defend your rights, help prove evidence was illegally recovered, and argue why your charges should be lowered or dismissed altogether.

New York Drug Laws

New York prosecutors have a national reputation for aggressively pursuing drug charges. The sections in the New York Penal Code that are related to drug crimes are:

  • Section 220 – Controlled Substances
  • Section 220.03-220.25 – Criminal Possession
  • Section 220.31-220.44 – Criminal Sales
  • Section 220.60 – Criminal Possession of Precursors or Analogues to Controlled Substances
  • Section 220.77 – Drug Trafficking
  • Section 221.00- 221.55 – Guidelines for Marijuana

Charges related to controlled substances can have more severe consequences. Some examples of controlled substances are cocaine, ecstasy, MDMA, prescription drugs, heroin, and methamphetamine. When determining consequences, courts take into account the type and class of controlled substance a person is in possession of, the intent of that person, whether there was a sale of the controlled substance or drug, and the number of prior violations that person may have.

Simple possession can be elevated to years in state prison, for example, if a defendant possesses 500 milligrams or more of cocaine or prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an intent to sell.

The New York Penal Code sections 70.00 to 70.85, prescribes that class A through E felonies will receive an indeterminate minimum sentence of no less than one year. Based on the facts and circumstances of their case, a judge may increase the sentence to any length of time in prison.

Even minor misdemeanors like violations, unclassified misdemeanors, and Class A and B misdemeanors can lead to time spent in jail. Class B misdemeanors can carry a minimum sentence of up to three months, whereas Class A can have an increased sentence of up to one year.

Contact a New York Drug Attorney Today

While some offenses are more serious than others, they can all have a serious impact on your life so it is necessary to obtain qualified representation. None are better than the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason Goldman. As former NYC prosecutors, our criminal defense lawyers know the government works these cases and can provide the best possible defenses to whatever is thrown at you.