Direct Appeals

Jason Goldman
February 23, 2024
Sentencing and Appellate Practice

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The Attorneys at The Law Office of Jason Goldman Are Polished Appellate Advocates

They have strong backgrounds and experience with appellate courts. We have spent years responding to appellate motions, drafting response briefs in both state and federal courts, arguing dozens of appeals before panels of appellate judges, and researching complex questions of criminal law. While most appellate lawyers typically stick to that lane, our attorneys also have extensive experience as trial lawyers. That experience, accumulated and honed from dozens of trials, provides a significant advantage in spotting and understanding issues ripe for appeal that may have arisen during a trial.  

Thus, if you or an associate have been convicted of a crime in New York state or federal court, you should consider reaching out to The Law Office of Jason Goldman to examine the full case and give you an expert opinion on whether there is merit to an appeal. Hiring a good criminal attorney can mean the difference between a lengthy sentence and an overturned verdict.

Understanding Appeals

A direct criminal appeal is filed directly to the state or federal appeals court after a defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty at trial. It is not considered a new case, only a continuation of the decided one, and no new evidence may be admitted.

It is a very complex process that requires skill and finesse. If the appeal is not prepared, filed, and served properly, the defendant could lose their opportunity to appeal the case. That is why it is so important to let experienced and qualified attorneys handle these situations so nothing falls through the cracks and no mistakes are made that could end up costing you big.  

Grounds for Appeal

Some reasons why you might want to appeal a conviction are: you feel that your criminal defense attorney did not represent you properly; you have a strong reason to believe that your verdict was improper and due to extenuating circumstances, such as factors like race, ethnicity, religion; you believe that the judge in the case acted inappropriately; or you believe that the prosecution in the case acted inappropriately.  

Even if you are satisfied with your previous representation and you just did not get the results you were hoping for, there are significant advantages to hiring a new attorney for the appeal process. It requires a different skill set, and a fresh set of eyes and new perspective on the case could highlight angles that previous lawyers might have missed. Additionally, we have assisted trial attorneys that may not have the proper appellate expertise to delve into complex legal issues and prepare the necessary written briefs.