DEA Investigations

Jason Goldman
February 23, 2024
NYC Federal Drug Attorney

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Investigated for Drug-Related Crimes by the DEA?

The Drug Enforcement Administration is the largest drug law enforcement agency in the world. Since the inception of the war on drugs, the federal agency has tried to combat drug smuggling and use in the U.S., and DEA investigators can operate beyond the country’s borders. Because of the resources and how seriously the government takes these crimes, the consequences of a DEA investigation can be very severe, tending to be much harsher than those of drug arrests by state authorities. Therefore, it is necessary to retain legal representation in the early stages of DEA audits and investigations.

The most typical charges for DEA investigation include crimes such as drug diversion, trafficking, possession, manufacturing, and sale. While many defendants only realize they are the targets of investigations upon their arrest, there is still a chance you may learn about it in earlier investigation stages before any charges are filed where you may receive a warrant, notice of inspection, or subpoena.  

After receiving notice, it is extremely important to retain a DEA lawyer with experience. This can make a huge difference in your case as your attorney will best advise you on how to proceed and stop further incrimination. The experienced DEA attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason Goldman will give the best representation to prevent the audit from leading into criminal prosecution, or if necessary lead the client through court proceedings and reach a favorable settlement in court.

These cases are typically based on evidence obtained during raids or at the time of arrest. But, officers need a proper search warrant prior to searching someone’s house or property, and there are strict rules that they must follow for the search to be lawful and the evidence to be admissible. An experienced defense attorney will look to see if the evidence was obtained lawfully, and work to get it withdrawn. This along with many other skillful tactics that only a proven DEA lawyer could exercise can be a pivotal factor in reducing your sentence or getting your case thrown entirely.

Our criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason Goldman have helped many clients through DEA investigations and attained satisfying results. We can help you with whatever your situation may be so you can put this behind you and not let it impact the rest of your life.